Engineering Solutions and Expeditionary Work

PDS has extensive experience providing engineering solutions and can offer a design, prototype and full manufacturing service with experience in an array of industries including:

  • Museum exhibits & attractions
  • Industrial Prototyping
  • Manufacture of theatrical props and attractions
  • Production and Manufacture of specialist medical equipment
  • Hot air ballooning & static ballooning technologies
  • Land and water speed record attempts
  • Engineering solutions and manufacturing for sporting applications
    including golfing and shooting
  • Specialist Kitchen and Larder fitting out

Alongside this work, PDS also has a great deal of experience working with architects and construction engineers to provide a full engineering and project management service. Some of the projects we have been involved with are;

As part of our 'One Stop Shop' service PDS also specialises in prototyping and in Engineering problem solving and we excel in finding solutions that others cannot.

From components for highly sensitive robotic devices designed to work inside the highly dangerous interior of nuclear reactors to tethered balloon systems on the deck of cruise ships, PDS has what you need.

PDS' track record of engineering solutions is prestigious, having been called in for specialist engineering support on a multitude of cutting-edge projects including multiple World-Record setting endeavours.

PDS has been able to offer specialist knowledge and rapid response engineering support to projects such as the Thrust Supersonic Car project for Richard Noble which claimed the Land Speed Record in October, 1997, becoming the first car to officially break the sound barrier on land.

PDS has been a proud participant in many special projects including;

  • The Thrust Super Sonic Car project (Breaking the World Land Speed Record and the Sound Barrier on land in 1997)
  • The British Steam Car Challenge (setting the world record in 2009)
  • The British Starchaser Rocket Programme
  • The Bluebird Project - to restore Donald Campbell's K7 Bluebird jet-boat
  • ICO Global around the World Balloon attempt - Richard Branson's 1998 attempt to circumnavigate the globe
  • The Angelic Bulldog Motorcycle Speed Record Challenge